Streaming some art!

2017-09-15 14:20:25 by PeppaDew

Streaming now!

2017-09-12 02:39:10 by PeppaDew

Test Streaming some Crash Bandicoot (No Mic)

Watch it here:

Commissions Available!

2017-05-25 14:06:18 by PeppaDew

Hey guys!  I'm currently doing commissions.  Message me for details :>

Welcome, my dr00gs

2017-05-21 01:26:03 by PeppaDew

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!  Currently I don't have a whole lot of stuff on here since I'm new, but I look forward to filling up my galleries with my various shenanigans.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Patreon, and Facebook so you don't miss out on a thing!

(Patreon money goes towards renewing subscriptions to programs and buying better gear.)